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Diesel Techniek Rotterdam BV is officially Yanmar industry dealer. We provide the complete range Yanmar diesel engines for all industrial applications. Of course Yanmar engines are available in all possible types. Our engineers and consultants know exactly what Yanmar engine is the right one for your purpose.

There is a wide range of generators. Also engines for terrain and driving applications such as cranes, terminal tractors, forklifts and reach stackers, etc.

And it must not alwys be new engines. Diesel Techniek Rotterdam also has an extensive program Yanmar exchange engines. Exchange engines can be completely overhauled by us and we als have exchange engines from Yanmar in our range. And our entire productrange meet the emission requirements for now and the future.


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Your business should always run. Therefore we offer the best service. Our technicians can help you for support in application and commissioning. We offer our service for the complete range of Yanmar engines. Therefore our technicians specialize in providing prompt service at all malfunctions and in common maintenance.

We have customers in all various industry segments. And with leading OEMs we have close partnerships and for them we provide all technical support, in addition to the delivery of all necessary parts.

To learn more about our YANMAR industrial engine program, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you.



Contact us and you can immediately request a quotation from us. Information: call +31 180 411 294 or e-mail info@dieselpartseurope.com